2 After months of travel through thick wilderness, we’ve arrived at an open place: the center of a town in contention, the no-man’s land of a battle that hasn’t begun, that will never begin. We huddle in storefronts to catch our breath, tend to the map. Something lurks on the outskirts, not approaching, yet, but the tension is always there. The calm before, where time holds tight. When will it tick forward?

Your journey begins at the Poetic Research Bureau – 951 Chung King Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90042


Karen Adelman // Brent Armendinger // Marcus Civin // Veronique d’Entremont // Nik Gelormino // Mark Gerard // Emma Zakes Green // Kenyatta A C Hinkle // Elisabeth Houston // Joseph Mosconi // Ani Raya-Flores // Ana Reyes // Erin Schneider // Tom Trudgeon // Santi Vernetti // Emerson Whitney 

Directed by Henry Hoke and Marco Franco Di Domenico                                                                               in collaboration with Saehee Cho and Sam Bloch

Enter>text is a living literary journal, an immersive series of events where the audience is activated to seek out their own unique encounters with writers. We strive to explore the textual nature of our surroundings, always searching for new voices, histories and fictions. Our theme this year is “Borders, Boundaries and Fine Lines.” We’ll illuminate and dissolve the demarcations not only between performer and audience, but also between public and private space, within identities and institutions. Each happening will be a new crossing. Clearing is hosted by the Poetic Research Bureau and Automata

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